Red Hot Highland - Basel Tattoo Dance 2018

FINALLY!  Here are a couple of videos that will help you to learn some of the steps to the dance before you arrive in Basel. If you are not completely competent or confident with these steps in the next couple of weeks, rest assured that we will be spending hours on them in Basel. That being said, it is certainly helpful to listen to the music, and view the videos to have an impression of the main dance act.

Breakdown of the Dance

The dance music is broken down into four musical sections, comprised of two different tunes from the Red Hot Chilli Pipers repertoire, and two short breaks between the tunes that we dance through:

1 - Slow Intro - No dancing (0:00 - 0:57)
2 - Hellbound Train A - 5 steps (0:57 - 2:17)

     Short Break A - 1 step (2:18 - 2:35)

3 - Insomnia - 4 steps (2:36 - 3:41)

     Short Break B - 1 step (3:42 - 3:58)

4 - Hellbound Train B - 6 steps (3:59 - 5:40)


There is no dancing throughout Part 1 - Slow Intro.  This will be the Red Hot Chilli Pipers band alone on the field, and then the dancers will storm the esplanade at the beginning of Part 2 - Hellbound Train.



Keep in mind, this is a rough draft of the music pieced together for our practicing purposes, and there may be small changes when performed live.

These steps are what we envision working with the shapes we have planned.  If for any reason the shapes or steps do not satisfy our vision, they may be tweaked or changed to suit the dance once we are practicing together.

Dance Videos

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