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About Us

We are an elite Canadian Highland dance team.


Founded in 2007 with an invitation to perform at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland, we strive to bring Highland dancers together from coast to coast to celebrate this exquisite dance form, as well as truly represent Canada on the international stage.

Management Team

CanCelt is co-directed by champion Highland dancers, Stephanie Grant and Stephanie Turnbull, and is supported by fashion designer Veronica MacIsaac, all from Nova Scotia. 


Additional support for our most recent campaigns included dance captain, Annette Summerfield from Saskatchewan, and photographer, Brent McCombs - to whom all photo credit is given on this site unless otherwise stated.

L-R: Veronica MacIsaac, Stephanie Grant, Stephanie Turnbull

2010 - present
2010 - present

The Origins of Canadiana Celtic

The Massed Commonwealth Dancers were originally assembled by Edinburgh Tattoo dance director (Retired), Billy Forsyth MBE, to help mark a celebration of Her Majesty the Queen's Golden Jubilee at the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2002. Canadiana Celtic directors, Stephanie Grant and Stephanie Turnbull, were chosen as two of sixteen dancers to represent Canada at this very special event under the direction of world champion Highland dancer, choreographer and judge, Sandra Bald Jones. 


The event for Steph and Steph was one of the highlights of their respective dance careers. It was an entirely new experience outside the competitive world of Highland dancing, and outside the performance of choreography done locally. The Tattoo experience is remembered as one where dancers had the opportunity to work together as a team, and collectively represent their country on an international stage; all the while making new friends from around the world.  


When both Stephanies were asked to jointly direct a Highland dance team for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 2007, Canadiana Celtic was born, and with it the desire to provide other Canadian Highland dancers the same positive team experience that its directors had previously experienced.  The opportunity to come together as dancers and share their passion for Highland dancing is something special and remains at the heart of each and every CanCelt Team that is created.


Our Dance Experience

"The Stephanies", as they are commonly referred to, are two Nova Scotia Highland dancers who have been connected through dance since 1985.  Having the same name, and being within a month of the exact same age,  they competed both against each other and together for their entire competitive careers spanning more than twenty years. Both Steph Grant and Steph Turnbull were highly competitive and took great pride in representing N.S. at the ScotDance Canada Championship series seventeen and fourteen times respectively. They have amassed more than forty championship titles throughout their collective careers and countless runner-up positions. Competitive highlights for Grant include winning the Canadian Championship title twice and coming first runner-up in the World Highland Dance Championships three times. 

The Stephanies had the privilege of dancing professionally as a career for several years, working for various production companies and touring internationally with a musical theatre show. Highlights from these years include dancing on several nationally televised productions for the CBC, performing on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and in London's Trafalgar Square for the Canada Day celebrations alongside Canadian celebrities, The Boston Tree Lighting ceremonies, the World Music Festival in Epcot Centre Disneyworld, Tall Ships Festival, Celtic Colours Festival, Drum! A Musical Production, the East Coast Music Awards, and various tourism sponsored shows and productions. Tattoo performances have included participation in the Basel Tattoo in Switzerland, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland, the Royal Nova Scotia Tattoo in Canada, and the Wonju International Tattoo in Korea. 


Both Stephanies are certified Highland dance instructors and maintain memberships through the SDTA and the BATD, and have several years of experience with Classical Ballet, Cape Breton Step dancing, and contemporary dance styles. Credit for their success belongs largely in part to their dance teacher, mentor, and friend, Janice Macquarrie, who pushed, supported, polished and refined their dancing.



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